Natural Remedies For Toothaches

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A toothache is a result of the central part of the tooth getting affected. This may be due to nerves getting inflamed. It may be mild or excruciating so pressure due to chewing or teeth exposure to cold or hot substances can worsen the situation.

Natural remedies that can be used for toothache relief

Guava leavesLeaf

Guava leaves contain flavonoids which are antibacterial and anti- inflammatory.
This makes it a powerful natural remedy to aching teeth. Chew budding leaves them to get the juice to the affected areas of the tooth. You can also add leaves to boiling water, add salt and gargle the concoction regularly to relieve you from tooth pain.

Raw onions

Onions possess bactericidal properties that give relieve to tooth pain. Research shows that consumption of onions daily provides protection from many teeth disorders. Chew fresh slices of onions for a few minutes, and it will kill germs in the mouth.

Wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass acts as mouthwash which aids in preventing toothache and decay. Chew wheatgrass and allow the juice flow to the affected tooth. This helps in getting rid of the toxins that may be in the gums. This is because it has antibiotic properties which kill bacteria on the gums and teeth.

Cloves and clove oil

Use of cloves and clove oil is a remedy for a toothache. This is because cloves are a natural anesthetic that reduces pain. Gently apply clove to the aching tooth, and it will heal the infection or lessen the pain. This is why clove is an essential element in toothpaste. It also contains eugenol which is an antiseptic and anesthetic compound.


Charcoal is another home remedy effective in curing toothaches. Mix charcoal with water to form a paste. Apply the paste gently on the aching tooth. Charcoal soaks infections and acts as a disinfectant hence reduce tooth pain.

Pepper and salt

A mixture of pepper and salt is a perfect tooth pain reliever. Using this combination on a regular basis also helps get rid of bad breath, bleeding, and even dental cavities. Mixing pepper with clove also kills pathogens that cure sensitivities and painful gums.


It is rich in vitamin C wLimehich is a vital agent with regards to teeth health. It protects your teeth from decaying, bleeding and goes a long way in helping toothache and cavities.

Toothaches come without prior information. When this happens, attention is needed. Preparing any of the above remedies will aid in quick pain relief.