Four Proven Medical Benefits of CBD

Medical CBD

Ever since the United States of America has legalized cannabis, many countries followed suit, and with the backing of some of the world’s largest economies countries, Cannabis or CBD, for short, has gained major traction that birthed lucrative businesses like and pushed medicine further to the future. CBD is used mainly for recreational purposes, but they do have some advantageous health benefits that could come in handy. It’s time you check out what they can do and try them out yourself:


Our bodies have endocannabinoid receptors that involve a lot of our bodily functions and sensations, such as pain, appetite, hunger, mood, memory, immune function, etc. We can help them regulate these bodily sensations so that we don’t encounter chronic inflammation often. 

Research shows that the active compound in CBD can help relieve inflammation since they possess anti-inflammation qualities that could hinder the compounds that trigger the inflammation process in our bodies, which means we could feel less swelling and discomfort by utilizing CBD as a medicine.

Treating Epilepsy


Studies have concluded that CBD can treat epilepsy effectively that even got approved by the FDA. The Epidiolex, which is a purified plant-based CBD formulation, does have the ability to control epileptic seizures that often occur for people who have epilepsy. In addition, the compound displayed its efficacy by reducing the number of seizures that epileptic individual experiences up to 40 percent capacity. Thus, the CBD gained the FDA’s approval, and they’re safe to use because of their proven health benefit in treating epilepsy.

Curing Alzheimer’s Disease

Even though Alzheimer’s Disease did not have a cure yet, CBD has been proven to be promising in helping patients with Alzheimer’s Disease regain the ability to remember and recognize familiar faces such as the people they love, their family members, and close friends. More clinical trials are on the way, and scientists and researchers are hoping that CBD can be the missing piece that they need to find a viable cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Destroying Cancer


Cancer is still a black hole in the medical world, and doctors and scientists are doing their best to try and find the cure for cancer. Luckily, CBD has cancer-destroying qualities that are supported by a 2018 study that proves CBD can slow down the spread of some types of cancer and even destroy them. Since CBD is a low-toxic compound, it can promote the destruction of cancer cells, giving our immune system a fighting chance to respond to malignant cancer cells. 

Albeit their efficacy, there are still doubts and unanswered questions because we know so little about the drug, and more trials and research need to be conducted to determine the safe dosage and their full potential. Nevertheless, if you don’t know of their health benefits before, now you know! So pat yourself on the back for learning and get yourself some CBD as a reward! 

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