How to Choose The Best Ping Pong Rubber

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Ping pong is a popular indoor game that is lived by many people. The player’s performance is mainly determined by the type of accessories chosen. Rubbers sheets are useful accessories for table tennis that every player must have when playing.There are different types of rubber, all of which that have different ratings of control, speed and spin. The ideal speed rating for good control should be below 50. A rating that ranges from 50-70 is perfect for all-around rating while that of over 70 is good for offensive play.

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The best rubber sheet should be sticky and smooth inverted. Some players use the pips out when making more direct and faster shots. Other players use anti-spin rubbers and others long pips for easy controls, especially against spiny loops and serve. Rubber comes with a sponge that has different thickness ranging from 1.3 to 2.5 mm. Thin sponges can give you better control, but the thick one is designed for giving the player more speed. Slowing down a fast racket is much easier when using a thin sponge.

Effects of Sponge Thickness On Speed and Performance

Thick sponges are designed for offensive play. All round players should use a sponge with a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 1.9 mm. Small numbers are ideal for long and short pipped rubbers. A player can catch the ball or slow it down using a sponge. Rubbers have different spin and speed rating, but the sponge’s effect might change depending on the player plays or hits the ball. For instance, taking a soft swing can make the spin to slow down the ball, but the hard loop is known for speeding up the shot.

How Does the Rubber’s Hardness Affect the Player’s Style of Play or Performance?

The degree represents how soft or hard the rubber is. Soft sponges have small numbers while firm ones have high numbers. To drive the point home, the degree of a car tire is about 80 while that of aplaying table tennis rubber band is about 25. The degree of the rubbers used in ping pong ranges from 30 to 45.

  • Lower numbers provide more spin especially at lower speeds
  • High numbers provide more spins at high speeds
  • Players who prefer the ‘Chinese’ style like high numbers while those who love playing the ‘European’ style prefer lower numbers
  • Experienced, highly-rated players enjoy higher numbers than beginners

Where To Purchase Hockey Equipment

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Hockey is one of the popular games that are played across the country. In fact, it is next to football and rugby. Nowadays, there are various versions of hockey that are played such as rink, ice hockey, and inline. All these require the use of specialized equipment. There is a huge misconception that “hockey” is synonymous with ice hockey. However, there many versions of hockey and playing on ice is one of them.goal

The other forms include field hockey. In this game, players use hockey sticks to shoot a ball over a grassy terrain. The another form is roller hockey or inline hockey. It combines ice hockey and inline skating into a single game. This type of game is played on concrete streets or asphalt, and a ball is used instead of flat disk.

Such versions of hockey are not popular as compared to ice hockey. Thus, where you can purchase the required equipment and gear can be quite difficult to get. In this post, you will learn where to get the right gear and equipment such as field hockey nets, boots, and more. It is advisable to take advantage of discounts to save your hard-earned.

Inline hockey gear

Finding the appropriate inline hockey gear can be quite difficult. This is because the sport is similar to ice hockey in various ways. Sticks used in the game are similar to those used in ice hockey. Moreover, the safety gear is the same. Every player is required to wear shin guards, elbow pads, hockey shoulder pads, and more. In this case, the main difference is skates used. It is necessary to have inline skates that are sold in nearly every sports shop around.

Field hockey gear

This hoggygame is played in European countries, and you may find it difficult to get such field hockey equipment in the US. Also, the hockey stick is different in this game. At first, you may think that the stick used for kids is very short. In fact, the measure just a little over three feet. Also, the need for protective gear is quite minimal for players.

Lastly, the game requires a goal, which is a net. The goal stands in front of the net and prevents it the puck from gaining access. Also, nets come in different sizes depending on needs of players.…