What to Know About Coronavirus Masks

face mask

The CDC has recommended that everyone, whether healthy or sick, should wear a cloth face mask and stay at least 6 feet from the closest person. That is because studies show that coronavirus can be spread even when people do not have symptoms or before they get symptoms. In fact, a person is likely to be more contagious before the symptoms start. To avoid wasting precious materials, face masks for companies should be reusable and washable for daily use. Before buying or creating your mask, you need to know the best type for you and how you should wear it.

When a person suffering from COVID-19 sneezes, coughs, or talks, he or she sends tiny droplets of the virus into the air. This is where a mask can be of great help. You should note that a face mask covers the nose and mouth. It even blocks the release of virus-loaded droplets into the air when you sneeze or cough. In this way, it helps slow the spread of coronavirus.

The truth is that a face mask will not fully protect you from coronavirus. However, it provides an added layer of protection for people around you. Therefore, it should be used along with social distancing and handwashing measures.

Types of Masks for Coronavirus

Masks for Health Care Workers

Surgical masks and N95 respirators are meant for first responders and health care workers. Since there are not many of these masks, it is vital they go to nurses, doctors, and medical staff that require them most. For instance, the N95 respirator masks are designed fit around your face. In fact, they can filter nearly all particles in the air. However, they need to fit right for them to work.

Surgical masks are usually blue in color with white borders. These masks fit loosely around your mouth and the nose. They are designed to protect you against large droplets coming from the sick person’s sneezes or coughs. However, they are quite loose to shield you from all the germs. In fact, they cannot block smallest possible particles that may be carrying coronavirus.

Masks for Non-Health Care Workers

Ideally, cloth masks are perfect for persons working in the healthcare sector. These masks are made by sewing the fabric around the face and fold it around. It contains at least two layers of material. Some of the masks have pockets for filters, but it should be taken out before washing the mask. If you want to fit well, you can add a wire ribbon or copper on the nose.…