A Review of The Top-Rated Bipab Masks

a lady sleeping

Individuals with sleep apnea cannot sleep comfortably after their stressful days at work. Most of them experience disruptions that make them feel tired and snore loudly. Sleep disruptions can lead to other health issues if not resolved. bipab masks are ideal for patients dealing with sleep apnea. These masks are designed to keep the patient’s airways from collapsing, thereby ensuring that he/she enjoys a sound sleep of eight hours. Typically, a bipap mask is a long-term and noninvasive solution for patients with sleep apnea.

There are different models of bipap masks on the market that patients can choose from. Ideally, one should select a mask that makes him comfortable. It is important to know the various types of bipap masks before making your final purchasing decision. Doing research can help you in choosing the best Bipap mask and one that fits your lifestyle, face, and doctor’s recommendations. Let’s have a look at the best bipap masks for sleep apnea.

Full Face Mask

If you are looking for a mask that can adequately cover your mouth and nose, this is the right product for you. It comes with straps that firmly secure it around the face, thereby preventing it from slipping off the face, especially when one is turning himself.

This mask is ideal for patients dealing with severe sleep apnea. For maximum effectiveness, such patients need masks with high pressure. Furthermore, this mask covers the entire face, including the airways, making it an excellent option for patients who breathe through the mouth. This product is advantageous when compared with the other masks because it helps patients in dealing with mouth leaks.

The downside of this mask is that it is bulky, and it can prevent one for reading, or wearing glasses before going to sleep.

Nasal Mask

As mentioned earlier, some patients feel that the full mask is too suffocating for them. The nasal bipap mask is an excellent compromise for patients who are not comfortable with the full mask model. This mask has a tight fit, meaning that one does not have to wake up at night to adjust his/her mask.

It covers the nosal right from its bride to the upper area of the lip. The nasal mask is well-designed to deliver an indirect airflow to the airways making it an excellent option for patients who need a machine with high-pressure settings.

It is regarded as one of the most versatile bipap masks, but it is not recommended for mouth breathers because it makes their mouth to become dry. However, this is a small issue that can be resolved by using chin straps that keep the patient’s mouth shut when sleeping.

Nasal Pillow

A nasal plug or pillow is an excellent option for any patient who feels a bit claustrophobic. This pillow is plugged directly into one’s nose to seal the nostrils and deliver pressure air directly into the airways. Most patients find it easier to wear the nasal pillow as compared to the full face mask. It is a lightweight mask that adequately covers the nose without causing any disturbance or obstructing the patient’s line of vision.…